Something about USACi

If you want to feel some rattling and shaking ground while some of the biggest competitors in the world bring their rigs in order to achieve braking a world record this is a just right place for you. People come over here no matter there is rain, snow, hail or any other weather inconvenience interfering with the competition. It is a dead race if you want to decide whether the competitors or spectators bring more obsession to this atmosphere. The main goal here is to make a contest full of challenge, fun and fair.

While the main draw is that sound-off aspect of the whole show, you may also enjoy a car show, plenty dealer display areas, many concerts and live radio broadcasts. While this is going on for more than 48 hours, you will be nicely welcomed and entertained by really hot looking girls.

Aside from the whole scenery main reason people come here is audio competition and seeing some of the most significant machines in action. Here indeed plenty of work is going on for concise time. Every competitor has thirty seconds to try and achieve the highest score possible. All vehicles make two runs, and both must exceed the prior record. New record must be lowest in order to be recognized as new. After this judges inspect the vehicle to check there are no modifications that could disqualify competitor.

Power must come from inside the vehicle

USACiIt is important that all audio equipment gets its power from inside the vehicle and not form the external power resources like solar panels or battery charges. If there is a more than one record in the class, only the higher one will be admitted. Also one of the very important rules is that the competitor’s vehicle must be driven in and out the judging lane with its own power. This competition is consisted from so many aspects which takes some really highly trained and skilled judges to complete it.

As today there are many divisions in this show competing, it is allowed to competitor to enter and be judged in only one class but all the divisions his vehicle is qualified to compete in. For each division’s judging it is necessary to make a separate registration. It is very important and strictly checked that all vehicles are registered and licensed.

Awards that are given here are so outnumbering that it would need a whole magazine to list them all.