Basic car buying rules

It really doesn’t make it easier buying a new car while there are new models just popping around us every day. No matter how big fan you are and have a great obsession with them you can still get a bad deal or make some wrong choice. Just paying attention to a number of resources for information about car world will show us how much the rules of the game are changing. But do not worry, there are still some collections of useful advice and rules showing the right way to buy just perfect wheels for you.


Car buyingAutomaker’s websites, magazine websites, vehicles online shops, ways are just outnumbering and information are just bursting over the internet. Take some notes, do some listings, connect the info you have been collecting. When you make a decision about the dealership test drive is a must thing. While driving pay attention to details, drive some familiar roads and make some speed on the freeway, after all you will be spending miles in your new car so a little getting together won’t suffice.

Budget check

Newest recommendations say it is good to consider a lightly used car, especially the CPO (certified pre-owned) one. The goal is a three-year-old car which just came out of the lease. These vehicles come with service contracts or extended warranties and the price is roughly chopped in half while you still get a car that is almost the same as the current year’s model. Leasing will just get you a car you probably can’t afford while you are actually not buying it at all.

Good timing

Don’t wait for your old car to die totally when you find yourself without any personal transport while daily schedule is suffering. If it happens accidentally there is always possibility of renting so it gives you enough time to reconsider your options. It is a disaster when you find yourself buying the wrong vehicle and in need to replace it later with more costs like taxes and transaction costs.


Many of your friends will surely say to get a discount and to be prepared to leave if you don’t understand what you want. This really isn’t a right way, it is just being a jerk. Be straight with the dealer about what you require and how much is your budget ready to be involved. They need to make some sort of profit as a store so with a little respect from both sides a good deal will be made for sure.


It is best always to get all insurance quotes upfront before making any deal for your new car. Call around, switch some providers, checking your options is really recommended because not all insurers use the same standards. Setting rates and evaluating risks really differ.