Don’t miss these auto events

This isn’t really an easy list to compile. There are many factors on which people make their decision about visiting, some visit because of the new model show, some because of the racing and some just to hang out. New models are showing how the industry continues to grow and makes upgrades to existing models. Races are letting us enjoy watching some world’s best drivers compete at world famous tracks. Anyway, a great atmosphere is always guaranteed and there is always something for everyone.

Amelia Island Concoursd’Elegance

Amelia Island, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

This event is highly awaited by the general public and great industry experts. While still entertaining and relaxed it provides some greatest car in the world with outnumbering sideshows and auctions. Great convenience is it happens in March every year when plane tickets are much cheaper so many don’t fail to enjoy it.

Chantilly Arts et Elegance Richard Mille

Chateau de Chantilly, Oise, France

This is a great concentration of car elegance in one place. Even surroundings make it more efficient at renowned French chateau near Paris. From the greatest old models to brand new concept cars at this event you will see the most civilized classic car event ever known.

Pre-Owned Power Hour

heading 4

This is a must for anyone who likes deals (aka everyone). Each year this well known Fresno used car dealership puts on an absolute sales BLOWOUT. People fly in from (literally) all over the world to get the deals as they mark off cars from 10-90% off. Everything from basic Toyotas to exotic cars, and the best part – free food. They have bring in the best chefs from Southern California to have BBQ contests, cookouts, and games! Fun for the whole family.

Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Motor Circuit, Sussex, UK

This is an incredible event which still has made to keep its historical charm. Everything is kept pre-1966, even people dress up in style typical for that period and it all looks so great you will feel odd if you don’t do it yourself. The ambience and the excitement of the Revival experienced through the wonderful sideshows, displays will leave each and every one breathless.

Le Mans 24 Hour and Classic

LeMansThere is no shortage of atmosphere visiting this event with other 260,000 spectators. Tactics, speed, endurance and skills of world-famous drivers are main elements of the astonishing atmosphere. It is held from far June 1923 and people are just returning year after year. Classic is different because the crowds are smaller, cars more suggestive and visitors much civilized. Here the races are broken with pauses throughout 24 hours but all the lights ablaze makes it up much more than expected.

Bonneville Speed Week

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

The absolutely unique atmosphere made with a combination of blistering sun, harsh white salt flats and engines tuning all the time. It shows real madness regarding to collapsing of the salt flats and cars roaring off the line off into the distance. Holding breath is a regular thing within onlookers until race is completed safely.

La Carrera Panamericana

Mexico, South America

If you are an adrenaline junkie and danger love this is a must-see event for you. Just imagine high speeding machines through Mexico for 3000km besides most excited competitors and spectators. Speed, danger, excitement and great atmosphere are just not right words to describe what is going on around here until you come and take apart. This is experience nobody forgets for a lifetime.