Most important things to keep in your car

It is not about you or your car, most dangers come from the world outside when you least expect. Some people really go overboard and have enough things packed to live in their cars while some keep absolutely nothing. In between there is some basic stuff that will help anybody from usual unpleasant situations to dangerous breakdowns or accidents.

Owner’s Manual

Owner’s ManualWhile many of us do not like to admit it, we are just not mechanical geniuses and this manual will really help fill in the gaps. This is no shame and it would solve many problems for people if they were just using it more often. It shows needed basics, for example liquid capacity, tire pressure or what type of gas or oil to use. Service manual should be added to this as well.


This one should consist of tools which could fix some basic problems on the road or just for temporary to the nearest parts store. These are the tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer, duct tape, zip ties and belts.

Onboard diagnostic

When you get one of these the toolkit and service manual will be much more useful. Connecting this with your vehicle will exactly tell you what is going on so you don’t lose more time than you should. Poking around and figuring out until finding a real source of the problem usually gets more problems afterwards if you lose much time.

First aid kit

There is rarely some accident when luckily everybody passes injuries. This thing comes really handy when somebody gets hurt. Here you will usually get some glow sticks which are really helpful when changing tire at night.

Phone charger

Being stranded and having no way to call for help doesn’t sound pretty at all. There is nothing worse in this situation and making you feel more helpless than a dead phone. Fortunately, in the center consoles of the cars, today are always connection spots for USB cords so keep them in the car, and it’s all good.

Spare tire with a tire iron

At first, this sounds stupid where everybody would think how this is part of the car. But unfortunately, it is amazing how many people don’t replace a spare or even buy a car without this in the boot.