Events 2015 Season

2015 Points Season - Updated 01/25/14

Note: In some areas of the country there are no USACI promoters available to run your events. IF you find yourself in such an area you may be able to run your own shops event or hire a director from another area to run the event for you.  In SPECIAL CASES Shops and Show Hosts may be allowed to run their own events. In such cases you will need to contact USACI at 479-365-8722 to make arrangements. If an exception is made then your shop will be responsible for following the rules and turning the event result of your shows into USACI. In the event a shop or club turns to an  independent promoter to run their event responsibility rests with the event host to follow all USACI rules and guidelines. Independent promoters are advertising themselves but are not employed by USACI and as such we cannot endorse them.

This IS NOT All The Events For 2015 - New Shows Are Booked and Listed Every Week

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