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Events 2014 Season

2014 Points Season - Updated 08/20/14

Note: in some cases if there are NO USACI promoter available Shops and Show Hosts may be allowed to run their own events. In susch these shopes will be 100% responsible for following the rules and turning the result of their shows. In the event a shop or club turns to to an  indepemndant promoters to run their events you  Just remember the show is  still 100% your responsbile and the event host or retailer shall be fully responsilbe per the Rule Book that all rules are followed and that all results are turned in. Independant promoters are not employed by or certified by USACI and as such we have no control over their event promoting availability. Uning these third parties is done so at your own risk.

This IS NOT All The Events For 2014 - New Shows Are Booked and Listed Every Week

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